Taxicab Confessions

Got HBO? Tune in for the latest installment of Taxicab Confessions, on which I served as coordinating producer & cameraman. And if you ever wondered what exactly a cameraman does on a show known for taking place inside a taxi with hidden cameras, just watch the trailer. We shot this 2 summers ago, cruising the streets till the break of dawn like an aimless, insomniac surveillance team. Also cozied up to some burlesque performers, flew in a helicopter with no doors, played drag bingo on the Bowery, and generally attempted to capture all the spit and vigor that New York has left.

You can watch the results on Sunday, 1/30/11 at 11pm Eastern Standard Time (2am if you’re in the west) or check your local listings. They also seem to be offering it on demand some times but not others.

Another New Year at the Crossroads of the World

Proud to be working again with Countdown Productions, the company that owns the New Years Ball and produces the festivities and the broadcast from Times Square each year. Now, you can watch the show from your iPhone, Droid, or iPad. Get the app and other info from New Year’s central or your local app store. (how much does this sound like a commercial? but it’s true!) And, of course, you can watch from your regular old computer, which you will probably have connected to your TV or digital projector. I don’t know! The point is, any time you see pre-recorded video in the webcasted show, it’s from me. Case in point, this segment on the history of celebrating New Years Eve in Times square. Because you’ve always wondered.

live, from New York…

the past few weeks i’ve been working on the Times Square New Year’s Eve webcast and as the big day approaches, it occurs to me, we’re not ready! but we will be. i’m responsible for all the pre-taped video segments and footage. for instance, the intro to the show (at 5:50pm E.S.T.) and a history lesson on New Years in Times Square. And all kinds of behind-the-scenes footage of what goes into making the whole thing happen. Click here and watch live (or maybe afterwards) wherever you are. It’ll be a bit different from the TV broadcast, though all the important parts will be the same.
Happy New Year and to all a good night!

IRC Drama Group


While I’m looking back at projects from this past year, here’s one I particularly enjoyed. Creative Alternatives of New York (CANY) and MudBone Theater Company hired me to make a video about an after school drama group they were leading in the Bronx at the International Community High School, in conjunction with the International Rescue Committee. The student body of ICHS is comprised of recent immigrants to the U.S. so it’s a bit like the United Nations and at a bit like any other New York High school. The group we worked with were all West African kids who came to the States with asylum/refugee status due to conflicts in their home countries.