Just got back a few days ago from a mind blowing 2 and half week trip to Haiti where I was working with two great organizations: Global Nomads Group and Architecture for Humanity. They’ve partnered (along with the Bezos Foundation) to rebuild a few of the many schools that were damaged or destroyed in last January’s earthquake. My role was to document these rebuilding efforts and to introduce the people, culture and schools of Haiti to young people of North America (and beyond) who have signed on to help raise the money necessary for work to begin. (Bezos Family is contributing matching funds.) The videos say more than I ever could in a blog post about the devastation, beauty, despair and resilience that we encountered. Please visit the partner sites and the Global Nomads Facebook page for more information on the situation there and how you can get involved.

We produced four videos during the trip while another was done in Kansas, portraying some of the American students who are exploring philanthropy for the first time in their young lives. Gotta say my favorite of the project was the profile we did on one of the students in Port-au-Prince. What was supposed to be a 3-4 minute piece turned into a 7 and half minute short film called “Diandine.” This precociously smart young woman has a lot of unique qualities and it was truly an honor getting to know her and her family, but if you’re looking for a window into the challenges and determination that define the young people in Haiti right now, this is a great place to start.

While you’re on the YouTube page, there’s plenty to explore, including a segment we did on Haitian Vodou!

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